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This is super cool! My teacher biomechanist Katy Bowman and Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint created this Don’t just Sit There Program. I believe it’s a must have for anyone who works at a desk or spends more than a couple of hours working or browsing the internet while sitting.


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Don’t Just Sit There audio book (unabridged), recorded by Katy.

10 instructional videos to make sure you’re outfitting your workspace and sitting/standing correctly…as well as supplementing with proper alignment exercises and stretches.

Don’t Just Sit There discussion: A detailed talk show-style discussion with Mark and Katy about all aspects of healthy movement. You’ll get the big-picture philosophy about movement and variation and adopt the proper mindset for your intensive studies.

Bonus: Mark Sisson’s new eBook Amazing Feets!. A great primer to safely maximize all the benefits of an active and varied movement lifestyle. Check out the details HERE or by clicking on the button above.

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